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Andy Golpys

Andy Golpys

Updated on 12 Nov 2018 ・ 1 min read

Made by Sheep

![Test](https://assets.madebyshape.co.uk/uploads/images/Blog_Archive/madebysheep-aprilfool.png "Optional title")

<img src="https://assets.madebyshape.co.uk/uploads/images/Blog_Archive/madebysheep-aprilfool.png&quot; alt="madebysheep-aprilfool.png" />

As well as Google Tresure Maps, Gmail Blue and the Nokia Microwave - we pulled out own April Fools... and a few people on our Facebook page and Twitter fell for it...

We changed our name from Made by Shape to Made by Sheep for the day, complete with new illustrations and all the content on our website changed to sheep related jokes.

But were not that crazy, its not staying. We actually got the idea after a few people couldnt understand us saying Shape on the phone, and thought we were saying Sheep!

All good fun.

Andy Golpys
Written by Andy Golpys in Archive
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Let's make something great together.

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