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Jasons Year Review - 2012

Jasons Year Review 2012
Caution! This article is 12 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

Jasons Year Review - 2012

This time last year, we were sat finishing off our first big studio project It's a Shape Christmas, but since then so much has happened within the industry and Shape for 2012.

First off, we kitted out our studio with some nice furniture, including a giant red sofa. We also decided to launch It's a Shape Christmas again this year, but make it even bigger and interactive than ever - and we did it. The website has got a lot of exposure, not just for Shape but also for the creatives involved within the project.

This is something we enjoy doing - helping out up and coming creatives as well as producing work for our clients. As well as seeing 2 different years of students come and go within 2012 and filling their heads with design rules and coding headaches. We also have took on a fair share of work experience students that have helped us on live projects and have gone on to getting big time jobs because of their experience at Shape.

A lot of the students we had in the studio, got involved with our eCommerce projects. All of which were interested in learning how much is involved with websites, that handle a lot of data and how to organise this mass of content, in a simple way. eCommerce is something we've really took on fully this year and is something we will continue to develop our skills in. This gives our clients an increase in sales and online presence for their products, but also their customers the best shopping experience. One particular client we worked kindly mentioned how "My turnover has increased massively since it went live and I am now getting orders most days"

As well as reading a hell of a lot of books on Information Architecture, Web Applications and Mobile Development, we've also attended our fair share of conferences. Ranging from updates and best practices in our CMS (ExpressionEngine) right through to Accessibility within Responsive Web Design. When we're not busy designing, coding or eating crumpets, we have to keep our knowledge up. This allows us to offer the best, and most up to date services to our clients.

Not much will change in 2013 - we'll still be keeping up to date with developments in our industry.

We'll still enjoy helping up and coming creatives get in to the industry.

We'll still be eating crumpets.

But we will be doing all of these (Even the crumpet eating) a lot better than each year that goes by - which will help us develop as a creative company in 2013.

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