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Jason Cowan - London

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Jason Cowan: Audio Visual Consultant - by India Hobson

One of the best things about working with photography in your 'day' job is that every time you work on something it's different from that last the brief, the subject and most of the time the people vary too. I love that every time I turn up there's someone new to work with and you're working with something that either you've only seen via email or sometimes not even at all. It adds an element of surprise but also means you have to problem-solve and be wide awake when you set off in the morning. It keeps you thinking and every single brief will teach you something new. You also tend to find yourself in odd places that 'normal' folk don't tend to be...

Which leads me to Jason Cowan, who works as an audio visual consultant and to the average person that won't mean much, but if you happen to be the type to employ a designer to decorate your house then you might just meet him and his work.

I recently shot some of his previous clients' houses to demonstrate the clientele that he works with as well as showcase his excellent skills. These are the kinds of houses that you find in magazines they're sleek, very swish and pretty amazing to be honest!

We visited Kensington, Chelsea and Abbey Road and I found myself in awe at the gorgeous homes. It was absolutely chucking it down outside but I was glad of the even light so I didn't have to worry about contrast or strong shadows. It was a day broken up by each visit and I had to work quickly to make sure I'd shot each separate area but we did it and the images are up on Jason's newly-designed website... Hats off to those that did that (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Check out Jason's shiny new site.

So apparently variety is the spice of life...

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