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Its a Shape Christmas

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Its a Shape Christmas

Here at Shape we have just released our festive interactive countdown to christmas 2011 [http://www.itsashapechristmas....](http://www.itsashapechristmas....) in collaboration with illustrators from around the globe. A new illustration will be revealed everyday throughout December up until Santa arrives on the 25th. All of the featured illustrations will be available to download for **FREE** as wallpapers for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Illustrators from around the world include the likes of Alan Heighton (popular for works in Creative Review, The Guardian, The Financial Times and artwork for The Arctic Monkeys), Gareth Hughes (designer at Magnetic North), Santos Henarejos - a very talented creative from Spain, and that's just to name a few. To reveal more artwork visit the website and unveil a new illustration everyday! Once we reach our follower target on Twitter, we will give a special gift to one lucky follower on Twitter!

Twitter. [](

Facebook. [](

Website: [http://www.itsashapechristmas....](http://www.itsashapechristmas....)

We would be hugely grateful if you can help us in our quest to expose the project. If you need any specific artwork dimension then don't hesitate to email us with what you require at [](

We thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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