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Its a Shape Christmas Digital Advent Calendar

Shape Xmas
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Its a Shape Christmas Digital Advent Calendar 2015, is a collaboration project created between us and creatives from all over the world aiming to raise funds for Charity. This year we will be in partnership with 'Cash For Kids'.

Started in 2011, here at Shape we created a collaboration project that connected students, graduates and industry professionals. We created a digital platform to enable them to create artwork free for download to end users on iPhone & iPad.

25 creatives are given a random shape by us, with only one theme — Christmas. In the past, the shapes have been photographed, illustrated, animated and even made in 3D, there's no limits.

The work is then released in advent calendar style, with 1 piece of work shown each day throughout December leading up to Christmas day. We promote the work via social media before, during and after the project.

We're currently looking for 25 creatives to get involved with the project this year.

All we need to know is, that you’re interested. Please send us an email to christmas(at)madebyshape(dot)(co)(dot)(uk) with the subject ‘COUNT ME IN’ before 6th November 2015 with a link to your portfolio website.

Once we have selected the 25 creatives, more information will follow.

Visit the holding page at: www.itsashapechristmas.co.uk

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