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iPhone 4 in White

White Iphone Hero 20110425
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OOOOKKK, so the iPhone 4 is now available in White........ is it just a matter of opinion or favouritsm whether you choose the Black verison or the White? Shape look more into this dilemma.


What are the pros?**

It looks good...or does it? Most things like this are a matter of opinion, whether you want a certain coloured phone. But that's what cases are for, aren't they?! The main 'pro' for the White version, is the fact that Apple have had extra time to research and minor bugs and make tweaks for the release of the White iPhone 4, whether it be hardware and assembly, but none have actually been reported yet. Rumours have been flying around that the White iPhone 4 does carry a smaller proximity sensor to make for better stability, but no statements have been officially released...

**The Cons**

Again, nothing official, but the White iPhone definitely is fatter... human eyes are correct most of the time. The official Apple specifications page now reads: **"Actual size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process.****"** Meaning white iPhones are the fat cousins in the family.

"**It's not as simple as making something white. There's a lot more that goes into both the material science of ithow it holds up over timebut also in how it all works with the sensors.**"

So does that mean more things can go wrong with the White iPhone 4 ? The proximity sensor issue was bad enough on the Black iPhone 4 when that was launched. A nice point someone else has brung to my attention, that you're still paying the same price for technology that was released 10 months ago, and with rumours flying, not long before the iPhone 5 is released - which will be miiiiles better than the iPhone 4 - should we bellieve chinese whispers.

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