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Gold Foil Business Cards from Moo

Moo Foil Cards
Caution! This article is 8 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

I needed some new business cards, and needed them quickly. We have connections with printers, and have a great working relationship - but this particular time I wanted to try something a little different. Our business cards have always been of great quality and it's something I feel is very important to every business. When out and about, or in a meeting, on holiday, a shopping trip - wherever it may be.... you don't know who you will bump into, or where a conversation may lead in terms of business. As it's nearly Christmas, I wanted some business cards that hinted at the festive season, so I wanted to keep the design generic, but use Golf Foil to give that touch of Seasons Greetings.

When I heard that Moo was launching a new product for Gold Foil I was certainly interested. I've used Moo plenty of times before for personal work, certain promotional items for use here at Shape, and also for another one of my businesses. Every time I've used Moo.com the easy of use has been great, and the product when arrived has been of good quality.

If you've not used Moo before, I'd like to highlight a few elements that I personally think are great.

1. The User Experience is fantastic. The site caters for the computer novice as well as the industry professional. giving users the option to design online via templates, or upload their own artwork is very flexible and offer the customer exactly what they need.

2. The fact you can preview you design..... is SUPER ! On other products it's straight forward, but with the Gold Foil what is really good is that it shows you the flat design layer, the Foil layer, and then what it will look like when printed. Here I've shown the process via screenshots online.

Foil Business Cards Moo 01
Foil Business Cards Moo 02
Foil Business Cards Moo 03

And the back of the business card can also be viewed whilst going through the steps online.

Foil Business Cards Moo 04
Foil Business Cards Moo 05

At the end of the process, you can also view the cards you're ordering to make sure everything is correct, which gives the customer another check to make sure they are happy with the product.

Foil Business Cards Moo 06
Foil Business Cards Moo 07
Foil Business Cards Moo 08

Once I had figured out that I needed to design a flat design layer, a black and white layer for the foil, and upload separately. I designed the files in Adobe InDesign, and then upload individual PDFs to Moo. The process from start to finish on the website took 4 minutes, including me double checking everything - which to me is great because of the busy schedule I have.

So, I bet you're all excited to see the finished product, which I can safely say FEELS great. To me, the quality of business cards is important to every business, it's a first impression. If you hand over a business card to a potential client and they aren't impressed, that is not a good sign. To me, everything to do with design matters, including print quality and finish.

For their Tailored Collection, everything is 400gsm with a Soft Touch finish and you can choose square edges or rounded.... huh..... that's a nice choice to have! ( We opted for traditional square edges ).

Moo Foil Business Cards Madebyshape 1
Moo Foil Business Cards Madebyshape 2

Excuse the bad iPhone pictures, but hopefully this showcases the print finish and thickness of the cards. This is Tom's favourite, "I dunno, I just think the Gold stands out better.... it's different, we've always had Red cards.... but I just prefer the White over the rest for legibility and cleanliness".

Moo Foil Business Cards Madebyshape 3
Moo Foil Business Cards Madebyshape 4

If you're thinking about using Moo for foil business cards and I've inspired you to create your own... but you're not sure on 1 set design, then don't worry any longer! Moo allows you to create as many different card designs as you need, then as soon as you select an overall quantity - you'll get an appropriate amount of each design per set. Another great feature on Moo. Even though we're predominantly a Web Design Agency we can also help with your design needs if you decide that you need some business cards creating.

Moo Foil Business Cards Madebyshape 5

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