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Caution! This article is 8 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

Over the last year or so, we have upped our Social Media activity, using different platforms to advertise ourself.

We have put a lot of work into our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed whilst adding Dribbble to our 'toolbox'. At heart we are a friendly, approachable studio who enjoys what we do!

We sat down a while back and started to think of new ways to show what personality we have within the studio, and the thing which kept popping into our minds was the topic of gifs. What if we created fun, simple gifs based around the Design Industry and our Day-to-day activity.

And we think it has worked a charm!

Here are some of our most recent gifs, some which we have not posted yet, you have seen it here first!

Lets dive into some Responsive Designs
Summer is the year for having fun. Mr Shape sure enjoys his downtime.


All work and no Play is no fun at all. Hitting those deadlines takes some serious lines of code!


Just add caffeine
Some days we just need a little bit of caffeine.


Testing, testing, testing.


Creating award winning eCommerce websites which have our clients busy on their feet.

Man Packing

Hi There!
Inspiration for this comes from building our sites to work on all mobile devices.


Mr Shape is always on hand when things get a little messy.


HTML 5 Superheroes
Some call us digital Superheroes.

Html5 Man

We all knows those days spend in the studio Photographing client Products.


Shape game
Production is low today.

Shape Game

Hay fever has us like...


Product Showcase
Presenting our ideas is the fun part.


Some songs need to be played loud!


Command - z
If you know, you know! We all have those days.


Spinning Shape
It's how our world spins.

Spinning Shape

Web Elements
It's a precise mix to create award winning websites.

Web Elements

Cracking on
For all those days where things run like clockwork.

Typing Man

We hope you loved those as much as we did making them!

Keep a look out for more gifs coming soon, we have lots more fun and creative ideas which we are sure you will love.

Hiya, I'm Mike - Web designer at Shape. My articles usually consist of design related stuff.