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Andy Golpys

Andy Golpys

Updated on 12 Nov 2018 ・ 1 min read



Do you like the look of our new studio in Canada? Looks pretty cool doesn't it...... YES WE WISH IT WAS OURS !! This is an amazing space to work in, so we thought we'd show it some loving.

Williams Studio's Description:

A photographer's studio over a boathouse on Stony Lake is a re-imagination of the archetypal glass house in a landscape in the Canadian Shield. A continuation of thinking about this architectural ambition, the central concept of the house is reconceived through a contemporary lens of sustainability, program, site and amenity.

The compelling qualities of simple, open spaces; interior and exterior unity and material clarity are transformed to enhance the environmental and programmatic performance of the building, creating architecture of both iconic resonance and innovative contextdriven design.

Photographs by Larry Williams.

You can see where we found it here:

Andy Golpys
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