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Creative Cup

Creative Cup

This coming Sunday, the 29th May 2011, the day after the Champions League Final, Shape will be entering the Creative Cup. Founded by Ian Cox - this event is not only about footballing pride, passion and ambition, but the real aim of the game is to raise a lot of money for charity. In 2010, the Creative Cup raised £1900 for Marie Curie Cancer Care. In 2011, the Creative Cup aims to raise a helpful £3000 for St Anns Hospice.

With Andy playing in the Creative League on Wednesdays, he has become familiar of several teams entering the Creative Cup, but in Shape's group, the only familiar faces are Building Blocks - with the other 2 to make the group, Orchard and Future Design, both new teams full of unknown players to Andy's eyes.

Our boys are pumped up at present, but I'm not sure how everyone will feel in the morning if United win the Champions League, I wonder how many Creative Cup team members are swapping the cans of Stella for Ribena this evening..... not many I guess.

It's spicing up to be a great weekend of Football and the trash talk has already started, to follow the Creative Agencies involved follow Twitter #creativecup


Bring it onnnnnn

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