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Creative Cup 2013

Creative Cup 2013 1
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Creative Cup 2013

We are, once again, entering the fourth annual Creative Cup, this year sponsored by UKFast. Hosted at the Powerleague in central Manchester on Sunday 13th October 2013, we aim to take back our trophy, after winning the competition in 2011, but losing to a very tight nit team, Great Fridays, in 2012.

Following the standard 5-a-side World Cup format, Creative agencies from Manchester will battle it out to claim the bragging rights to the Creative Cup crown. All profits for the day will go to this years chosen charity [Alzheimer's Society](http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/). So far together we have raised over £6,000 for various charities. The overall target of £10k is not far off.

Successfully setup by Ian James Cox, each year the tournament creates a buzz amongst Creative agencies around Manchester and the hype is all captured on twitter [@creativecup](https://twitter.com/creativecup) #creativecup

Compared to the success of the 2011 team, our players this year have a lot to live up too. Our lineup this year is completely different with only Andy and Toine taking to the pitch again. With a new group of players who haven't played together before, the real test is to play as a team in both attack and defence.

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