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Cool Websites Redesign

01 Bestsite Redesigns
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Whenever I start a new project, I like to get a start point by looking for inspiration. Whether that be from past project I have done, client competitors or other outside sources from Dribbble, Behance or awards sites like Web Creme or Awwwards, It’s always good to see what s going on in the design world.

I have always tried to keep up to date with all of the latest trends and styles, this way any websites I design are fresh and new.

Whilst looking for references for projects, I seem to come across plenty of big site redesigns, projects which people have decided to do as a bit of fun, most of which are better than the actual site, sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube and may more... I take my hat off to these designers for taking these existing sites and giving them a compete new, fresh look.

​Vans Redesign

By Mykolas Puodžiūnas

Ebay Redesign

By Tintins

Craigslist Redesign

By Tanveer Junayed

Google Redesign

By Aurélien Salomon

Youtube Redesign

By Aurélien Salomon

NYTimes Rethink Concept

By Tema Troinoi

Paypal Redesign

By Budi Tanrim

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