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Challenge Yourself

Challenge 1
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Whether you’ve left University and you're currently looking for a job or if you're still in education or even if you're employed but want to keep up with current trends challenging yourself and keeping yourself motivated is something everyone should be looking to do.

So how can you do this? There are numerous ways, you can pick a project or a brand that already exists and attempt to redesign it either on your own way or keeping the current style and just updating it, another way would be to pick some aspect of design or development that you either like or struggle with and turn it into daily challenges where each day you design something completely new, there are already countless challenges on Dribble ranging from UI design to Icons etc.

Here are a couple examples of what other people have done to give you an idea of what you could do.

Nick Velichkin

Here are several of his Daily UI challenges. Both of these pieces are focusing on something different the first being his use of imagery and typography and the second focused more on clean UI app design + transitions.


30 Minute design challenges, I had to include this 'Slice of life' being a dexter fan these pieces are more focused on layout and effect the animations have to help convey the message.

Stanislav Krishtal

Asos website redesign, this is an example of redesigning a current brand and bringing it more up todate.

Not only does doing this help to hone your skills, but it forces you to be more creative and to think of new ways of solving the challenges each day, keeping you on your toes.

If you have a go yourself, tweet us so we can have a nosey!