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Best websites that use Illustration and Animation

Websites can often be miss use illustrations and animations and their sites soon become cluttered. So I've found a few websites of what I believe to be the best websites that use illustration and animation to add that extra something.

1. Species in Pieces

Species in pieces are their own words ‘A CSS-BASED INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION CELEBRATING EVOLUTIONARY DISTINCTION.’ it showcases the animals off in a low-poly style illustration using only 30 triangular pieces.

Each animal looks great! The transition between them shows us that they are using the same 30 pieces that make up each animal they are just transitioned to a different colour, placement and size.

2. Vertbase

Most websites which use Illustration seem to feel the need to have them as big, and as noticeable as possible... I quite like Vertbase as their colour pallette is really nice, design style is minila, yet the animation and illustration style is very unique.

3. Lavva

I quite like this one, the illustrations are almost like 3d paper cut outs layered on top of each other, and the minimal animations as the user scrolls is quite satisfying...

4. Roll Park

Roll Park uses a 3D isometric illustration to illustrate what it is that they do, another cool feature is that when you scroll the website the illustration breaks up showing the different ground levels so they can explain and go in-depth about every point they do.

5. Likely Story

Although the illustrations are minimal, I like the style of them, and particularly the colours of this site as you scroll..

6. Vermont

Vermont again uses the low-poly look, which is a style that has to be pulled off perfectly for it to work. The main focus of this site though is not the illustrations themselves, but the actual animation, it's as if each side is a different part of a word and your moving to it.

7. Future Living

Future living, telling us a story using many different illustrations about an ever growing and overpopulating world.

8. Paper Planes

This is a simple site using the low poly style, it doesn't have much in terms of content, but its interactions and the animation of the planes going round the world was something that made me think I couldn't leave it off this list.

9. My Grandmothers Lingo

An interactive storybook illustrated and animated to teach and tell you about a language the interactivity, making it more fun and engaging for the users.

10. Proud & Punch

Proud and punch uses beautiful watercolour style illustrations to showcase the different flavours, not only the flavours but the location those flavours come from.

11. Bycyklen

The style of this website and the use of the minimal illustration animation sells their product perfectly, each slideshow explains a differentiations USP of the e-bike they’re selling. The style works well as it’s not too complicated and allows the user to instantly understand their product.

12. Kukla Kit

A website which is to promote their illustrations which are for sale for commercial use, I love the 3d style of these illustrations, the detail and the way the website details how the illustrations are easily customised, adjusted and tailored for the users needs.

13. BlueReceipt

Unlike most, this website only uses their illustrations for the main header and they dotted about sparingly about the webpage… another one with the 3d/emoji style illustrations which is very on trend at the moment.

14. Streamline UX 2.0.

Another website with the purpose of selling the illustrations for commercial use, they’re really colourful, stylistic and adaptable… The simple gif animations outlining the websites USP’s works well too.

15. Best Day Ever

This site gets a special mention, it's one we have worked on and we are extremely proud to of done, the use of gradient colours mixed in with the white space to give it contrast and simple animations make this site pop-out. I'd suggest you all go take a look.

*Bonus MadeByShape*

Last but not least... MadeByShape, we have to mention our own Web Design Agency site that includes bespoke illustrations perfect for our brand and target audience.

You can check out more of our work here

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