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Best Spooky Halloween Websites

Halloween 2020
Caution! This article is 4 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

It's that time of the year again... Where the nights get colder, darker and the Halloween decorations come out to adorn homes across the world. To celebrate 31st October I’m going to show you my top 5 halloween websites and what makes them spooktacular.

1. Boo Party

This Boo Party Site is a good example of a typical Halloween themed site, targeted for parents and children. The colour theme has a traditional vibrant orange and purple, depicting widely recognisable Halloween scenes, from witches, cauldrons, to trick or treaters. I particularly love the way the heading font animates into view, giving a really spooooooky but fun effect. They have also included other animated elements with the characters, the flickering of a street light or a spider scuttling through a web. These subtle movements bring the site to life, and will appeal to children who want a light and friendly experience without being too creepy.

Halloween dribble shot

2. The VVitch

It's always a pleasure to find websites whose sole purpose is to promote a film. Upon entering The VVitch site for the cult hit horror film, you can tell that the site has been created to give viewers a taste of the underlying dread that permeates through this 17th century folk based horror story. Opening with an ominous score, you're treated to a collection of disjointed, eerie scenes from the film, sandwiched between biblical verses that will send shivers down your spine. I particularly love the omission of any dialogue, giving the website a surreal feeling. The font and image usage are also completely faithful to this haunting tale. Faded, flickering text as if lit by candle light, coupled with unnerving depictions of animals.

Halloween thewitch

3. The Ghost Bus Tours

The Ghost Bus Tours site is adorned with stylised gothic imagery and playful blood. The contrast between the stark illustrations and the dark backgrounds really bring this website to life. Whilst there are no animations, the detailed illustrations and video footage make up for this, creating a story as you scroll down the page. The comical bloody font keeps the website fun to read and helps target a wide audience for this fright filled attraction.

Halloween bus

4. ScareCity Drive-In Cinema

This ScareCity Drive-In Cinema site does a fantastic job of keeping to the classic style of the drive in cinemas of the 1960s but with a modern twist. The traditional Halloween colour scheme of purples, oranges and greens on the pitch black background are made more modern with vibrant, neon colours to target the younger generation. I love the landing page with the neon logo and parallax background which moves as you do. It makes it very engaging and modern. With a mix of illustrations, vibrant fonts and movie footage, this site is very bright and eye catching. Grabbing the attention of new and old horror movie watchers alike.

Halloween drivein

5. Trick or Treat Me

This community based, trick or treat site is targeted at parents and children. The purpose is to allow parents to locate and find houses in their area that are engaging in the Halloween festivities. The site, very brilliantly, has an interactive map with cute pumpkin icons to show parents the houses where they can trick or treat at. You can also register your own house to tell kids to visit. The overall look is simple yet effective, with child friendly characters and icons. The main vibrant orange colour throughout ties in nicely with the pumpkin focused theme. Overall this is website executes it's purpose effectively, being very easy to navigate for children and non tech-savvy parents.

Halloween trickortreat

Happy Halloween everybody 🎃

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