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Andys year review - 2013

Andy Year Review 2013 1
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Andys year review - 2013

Probably the quickest year that has ever passed, in the history of life. I just can't believe it's nearly christmas again.

I would say that 2013 is the most noticable period of growth for Shape as a company. I feel we have gone up another level this year, not only in clientele, but standard of work, exposure and recognition within the industry. It's a great feeling to know that fellow peers enjoy the work we're producing here at Shape HQ.

Having Tom join the team officially this year was fantastic. He's not only competent at what he does in web development, but he moulds into our ethos perfectly. It's very important to have co-workers who love what they do, have the enthusiasm to do it, and strive to be better. A great addition to the team and love forward to working with him for years to come.

We've worked with some major clients this year, including Blackberry, but I'd like to mention 2 smaller projects that I personally enjoyed working on the most, '[Silver Sixpence](http://silversixpenceinhershoe.co.uk/)' and '[Progress JJ](http://progressjj.co.uk/)'. I'm very pleased with the outcome, but more importantly - the way the project flowed and ran smoothly from start to finish. Both these clients gave us full license to do what we want and backed us 100% throughout the project.

We revamped our studio interior, with wall illustrations produced by the lovely Jemma Davidge, a glass meeting room through [Kosco Interiors](http://www.koscointeriors.co.uk/), some special new chairs and brand new wooden flooring. ooooh it's bloody lovely.

This year, instead of going for a christmas meal, we're going to the [Comedy Store](http://www.thecomedystore.co.uk/) in Manchester. So, I can't wait for that. Merry christmas everyone, and happy new year.

Onto the next year.

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