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Andy Golpys

Andy Golpys

Updated on 12 Nov 2018 ・ 1 min read

Adidas and Nike design concepts by Emilio Sansolini

As a young Graphic Designer at High School, I loved to design football kits, I even made it useful and created a whole football club for my high school project. It was obvious that mixing an individual passion with design made me work harder and enjoy the project more.

I recently came across a very talented designer who has made a name for himself doing the same thing…. but ‘miles’ better than what I was doing at high school.

His name is Emilio Sansolini, an Argentinian/Italian guy from Gibraltar who has always loved to design, draw and, mainly, create things. He has played around with famous football / soccer jerseys of past and present and created his own unique concept style. His simplistic designs are fantastic in my opinion and if Nike, Adidas, Umbro etc. decide to commission him for real…. I’d certainly buy and wear some of these shirts.

Emilio Sansolini Design Concepts 1
Emilio Sansolini Design Concepts 0

Personally, I think the fit of the shirt is very important, whether it be a fashion thing, or a comfort matter. But the design of the shirt is just as important, and I think in this day and age, some major brands seem to be ‘churning’ out the same designs every year. This fresh approach from Sansolini is what the industry needs in my opinion.

Emilio Sansolini Design Concepts 2
Emilio Sansolini Design Concepts 3

The patterns, geometric shapes and subtle touches he includes add real depth to the shirts and we can all imagine how that would feel to touch.

Fantastic in my opinion. Take a look at his Portfolio. And his Twitter.

Andy Golpys
Written by Andy Golpys in Web Design
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