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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose MadeByShape

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1 . Co-Founders, Andy & Jason, have been working in the digital industry for 13 years.

Before setting up Shape they used to work at some of the biggest agencies in the UK, understanding client needs and end user goals.

2 . Direct communication.

Here at Shape we allow the client to directly contact the team members of the team working on the project, whether that be the Designer and/or Developer. Co-Founder, Andy, is always available to speak also.

3 . Strong portfolio.

We truly believe our portfolio speaks for itself. But when coming to choosing the right agency for you, it's important you not only look at the portfolio, but also look at the agencies website. If that is of a high standard, it's a good start.

4 . Co-Founders, Andy & Jason, were university lecturers for 8 years.

We understand about the processes and how to get the best out of our team at Shape. We've worked in the industry, been students, lecturers and own a business. We believe this gives us an advantage over others.

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5 . The Perfect Team.

All of our team members gained a First Class Honours at University. They all understand Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO & Web Development - giving the client confidence in every project they work on, throughout the whole process.

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6 . Flexible Finance.

Here at Shape we understand every business is at a different stage in their life. Some prefer to split the cost over an agreed monthly fee, some prefer to pay percentages at certain stages of the project. All options can be discussed.

7 . Get Involved.

We allow the client to get involved in the project as much as they like. Some prefer to pass on ideas and thoughts whereas other clients just let us steer direction. We're open and flexible, as the project should be portfolio worthy for both the client & the agency.

8 . Personality, approach, ethos, way of thinking.

To sum this up, it's about us as people. We all love coming to 'work', working with clients and creating successful projects. We truly believe you will enjoy working with us on a day-to-day basis.

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