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5 Day Placement in the studio

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5 Day Placement in the studio

At short notice, we are offering a 5 day placement in the studio from Monday 15th August through to Friday 19th August.

Here's the tricky part, we are inviting design students and graduates down to the studio for an informal chat on Friday 5th August, yess...... that's this friday !!!

So here's what we're looking for..... A friendly, productive, design individual who has good knowledge of design basics and apple computers. We are prodominantly a Digital Studio but the roles you will obtain come under Design for Web, and Graphic Design so don't worry too much if you've never built a website before, as this won't be a job you will undertake. You will need to have good knowledge of Photoshop though.

We're a friendly bunch of people who are looking to lend another pair of hands in the studio whilst Andy is away on holiday. This will be a basic placement opportunity in the studio, so we encourage early students to apply, but if graduates are looking for experience within a studio environment then feel free to send us an email too.

We will be inviting 3 students down on Friday 5th August to initially review portfolio and personality. Times will be allocated accordingly. If you didn't already know, our new studio is in Atherton, Manchester.

Ok are you still interested ??? Then send a quick email including your small portfolio and profile description to [hello@madebyshape.co.uk](mailto:hello@madebyshape.co.uk?subject=I%20WANT%20TO%20THROW%20SOME%20SHAPES%20IN%20SHAPES%20STUDIO) with the subject title: I WANT TO THROW SOME SHAPES IN SHAPES STUDIO.

ps. if you don't have a sense of humour..... don't bother applying : )

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