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The Wonder List is the ultimate place to discover luxury products, hidden talents and unsung heroes.

The Wonder List have a big following on Instagram and Social Media. They needed help redefining the brand online and exposing the work they do too bigger brands. The had a Wordpress template website and it wasn't unique, it had lots of errors, security issues and problems with SEO. We designed and built a website perfect them and their target audience, wrapped around Craft CMS and improved SEO immensely.

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A London client,
working with a Manchester Agency.

It was never an issue with with The Wonder List who are based in London. MadeByShape have a range of clients all over the world and numerous clients in London, so we are regularly down South having face to face meetings. This constant communication is vital, and along with emails, phone and Skype - the distance between the offices does not effect the project.

Impress the big boys.

Having a standard template from Wordpress did not impress the clientele The Wonder List were in front of. It was not unique and the client knew it, they were embarrassed to show the website. Going through stages of research, development, UX, UI, Wireframes and regularly communication - MadeByShape created a website from scratch that ticked all the boxes from the clients side, but also from the end users point of view in terms of content, marketing, calls to action and functionality.

This led to a result in improved business and positive feedback from larger clients who now give The Wonder List that seal of approval.

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Let's make something great together.
Let's make something great together.

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