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03 Scarlett Of Soho

Scarlett of Soho

Eyewear inspired by an 18th century British craftsman and designed with the finer details in mind. Refreshingly affordable frames that are timelessly classic yet modern.

The Brief

Create an online shopping experience that gives users the ability to view the finer product details and understand Scarlett of Soho’s ethos. As well as allow users to purchase, try on products at home and order prescription glasses.

The Outcome

Using neutral colours and legible typography, we ensured the user could access and view the products in more detail. Using different views on products to create trust within the product and brand. Giving the user multiple ways to access and buy the product and collect important user details, within a simple designed checkout process.

Scarlett Imac

Think about end users

Scarlett Browser 01 Scarlett Browser 2

Mobile & Tablet Website Design

The frames and products were the main focus for the eCommerce website. So having a neutral, black and white colour palette ensured the colour of the frames stood out and the website didn’t interfere with the users focus.

Scarlett Ipad
Mobile Experience Optimised for mobile devices to make navigation easier
Scarlett Iphone 01
Scarlett Iphone 02
Scarlett Iphone 03
Feature 02
Multiple Baskets

To give the users the ability to try the glasses on at home, we created a separate shopping basket which pre-authorised a customers payment so they could receive glasses to try on, if they didn’t like them, they posted them right back.

Feature 03
3D Rollovers

Viewing glasses on a website is difficult, so we allowed users to interact with the frames with different images showing different angles, 360 degree & model views.

Feature 01
Complex but simple checkout

Depending on if the user required prescription glasses or not they would get different checkout options (e.g. Questions & image uploads). We made this feel as simple as possible, guiding the user through the process.

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