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Rachel Bates Interiors

A New Era - It's quite simply, a celebration of all things luxury.

Rachel Bates needed a high end website to match her luxury products that range from £37 to £30,000. Small items will be available to purchase online but the majority of products are bespoke and will be made to order so the website needed to cater for these features. At least 75% of the collections and collaborations will be exclusive to Rachel Bates Elegantly Curated.

Rachel Bates Browser 01
Rachel Bates Browser 02

A responsive eCommerce website
using Stripe payment gateway.

This site features many aspects that enhance the end users experience, whether that be visual or technical. Functionality is just as important as the aesthetic and this website has been nominated for various awards.

Rb Iphone 1
Rb Iphone 2
Rb Iphone 3

Mobile & Tablet Website Design

It's very important to engage with users on all different screen sizes. Here at Shape we identify small elements that enhance the whole process such as using sticky buttons that hug the browser whilst the end user scrolls own the page, allowing them to add products to the basket at all times.

Rachel Bates Laptop
Rachel Bates Laptop 2

Rachel Bates, Managing Director

“I’m just buzzing with excitement about our fabulous new home interiors & lifestyle website. I feel so privileged to have been given such a special opportunity to work with so many amazing world renowned brands, designers and artisans on this project!”

"If I went back in time, I would definitely work with Shape again and Andy, Mr. Shape himself. I think our website will stand up as being totally unique against all our competitors. We have taken inspiration from online fashion websites because fashion as an industry is so fast moving, it is 100 lightyears ahead of the interior design industry in every way. We've really tried to take a very different approach than I think most interior brands would take.

I think in Manchester and the North, we have this amazing creative hub now, and Andy & his team are just hip and so different and their approach is so fresh. You give Andy a brief but everything he does goes above and beyond what you ask him to do, and that impresses me & I love it. He's added value in all sorts of areas, not just with the website build or driving traffic to the site, but he's also running our videos for us, and he's fantastic at it. He really is amazing at it all as he's helping us on so many levels. He's been invaluable in the process."

Rachel Bates Ipad 2

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