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Devices & accessories that make the use of mobile & tablets easier for schools, museums & businesses.

Services Provided

Design & Development
Content Management System

The Challenge

Parotec IT is a well established business within the device / tablet industry and needed a website to reflect that. The ability to let the customer find their perfect product, amongst 100’s of available to products was a major priority.

The Strategy

Because Parotec IT offer products that made most people ask “Why do I need that” we wanted to instantly show the customer what their products do and how they can be used. We also implemented many different ways to filter down to the perfect product. Using responsive website design & development, we made sure that the website fitted on all desktop, tablet & mobile devices. This reflected their position in the tablet market.


Bespoke Products

Multiple Devices charged at once.


Parotec target trade and business, therefore did not require an eCommerce from the start. We offered a unique approach where the end user enquires about products and Parotec will get in touch ASAP. This way, Parotec can give specific pricing structure dependant on the products they require, the quantities and the location of that client.
Highlighting USPs via the site is mandatory
Shape Website Design Studio - Parotec IT - Features 01
Bespoke Photography

Previously their photography was just shots of their products, this didn’t show how the products could be used. To complete the website we introduced lifestyle photography showing how the products can be used and transported etc.

Shape Website Design Studio - Parotec IT - Features 02
Filter Menu

Parotec IT sell over 100 different products and finding the perfect one is difficult. We added a “Filter” menu which allowed the user to narrow down the list of products, specifically to their needs.

Shape Website Design Studio - Parotec IT - Features 03
Find a product

To help a customer find a product as soon as they come on to the website we added a form that reads like a sentence. This brings a human element to a rather dull but useful feature.

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