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Minix, A global leader in the development of next generation computers.

The Brief

Create a website that showcases the Minix product range, giving the user valuable information per product and showing users the beautiful, simplistic design of their products.

Minix Lifestyle

The Outcome

We ensured that the design and development of this responsive website is as current as the products it is promoting. Creating a layout that flexs & changes depending on not only device screen size but also depending on content. This allows the site to be as clean as it is legible when viewing the site in multiple languages, letting the world to learn all about this fantastic brand.

Minix Imac

5 Language Options

Minix Browser 01 Minix Browser 02 Minix Browser 03 Minix Browser 04

Mobile & Tablet Website Design

This fully responsive website flex's the content into various layouts to give a bespoke layout over Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices.

Minix Ipad
Mobile Experience Optimised for mobile devices to make navigation easier
Minix Phone 1
Minix Phone 2
Minix Phone 3
Minix Feature 01
Custom Interactive Map

Utilising Google Maps on the contact page for various offices. The suppliers page utilises a custom map.

Minix Feature 2
Search Functionality

Bespoke search functionality enhancing the view with a bold web overlay.

Minix Feature 03
Language Options

The ability to add multiple laungages via the Content Management System.

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