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Go2 Telecom

Feature rich eCommerce website for leading UK supplier of lifestyle and business headsets, Go2 Telecom.

The Brief

Go2 Telecom is well established as a major supplier of headsets to major businesses, but they wanted to expand their audience and appeal to the average consumer. As well, Go2 Telecom wanted to improve their customer service for their existing clients by allowing new enquiries, quotes and discounts to go direct through the website. Products needed to be simpler to find and for customers to understand what accessory were required with a particular product.

Go2 Headets

The Outcome

To appeal the average consumer, we made sure they could understand what products Go2 Telecom offered - By using lifestyle imagery throughout the website, and linking headsets in to lifestyle groups such as Gaming, Sports & Music etc. To ensure customers to could find products and accessories easier we added a Profiling and Compatibility feature, which ask the customer a series of questions and displays the correct product.

The website required a lot of data input with the amount of products Go2 Telecom sell, as well as running payments through SagePay.Multi function slideshow to help customers find the perfect product for them.

Go2 Imac

99% increase in traffic since launch

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"Shape gave us a great service and support in delivering the end result. Great guys to work with. Highly recommend."

Julie Santos, Director - Go2 Telecom

Mobile & Tablet Website Design

Most users now use a mobile device to do online shopping. To make sure Go2 Telecom didn’t miss out of sales we built a responsive website that worked across different devices. We tested this on over 30+ real devices and 20+ simulators to ensure the experience didn’t change per device.

Go2 Ipad
Mobile Experience Optimised for mobile devices to make navigation easier
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Go2 Feature 1

To get potential customers to their perfect product. We built a simple step-by-step question system that asks a series of questions to find the correct product for their need.

Go2 Feature 02

If the product requires an accessory a compatibility feature pops over the website to notify the customer. They can then choose their connection type and add the accessory to the basket.

Go2 Feature 3
Product Detail

To find out more about a product, a customer can click a hotspot on a product to reveal a unique feature for that particular product.

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