Why Your Website Has A Lifespan Of A Housefly

  • Oct 06, 2017
Why Your Website Has A Lifespan Of A Housefly

One can look at the same time frame in your amazing website you built on your own. It might of taken 30 days to build but once it was finished, the viral numbers did not come and the beginning was the end.

So, in essence like the movie “Field of Dreams”, It was said, “If you Build It, They will Come.

It is safe to say that they probably did not come…

Why Invest Into A Nice Website​

Why Invest into a Nice Website

Your website is one of the first impressions that a potential customer or anyone seeking information about your business. Therefore, it’s important that it’s personalized yet applicable on large scale. It used to be that every business had a brick and mortar storefront and that was the norm. The better companies would invest in contemporary and sleek, high rises in high end areas of town.

On the contrary, in today's startup era, everything is done online. Many people never even see the actual place where the blood, sweat, and tears happens and this is quite normal. It could simply be a basement, a cheap office space above a hot dog shop, or even a fancy London corporate business suite.

It honestly does not matter anymore and the website has replaced the fancy storefront and this money needs to be invested into your site to make it stand out from your competitors.

Vehicle Content

No Skimping on Content

Everyone always talks about content, content, content. It is probably apparent that anyone in this field is tired of hearing about content because it is laborious and can be expensive to maintain. The good thing for content writers is that it is here to stay and it is extremely important to your site.

If you hurry your website to be finished and decide to contract out your writing to a cheap company in india, you definitely will get your site done fast and cheap.

From experience, please do not go this route. As you will be have to redo your whole site, it will take extra money and time, and also cause a huge headache of old content and links on the super highway. Please, Just don’t do it!

Advertising Concept

When someone spends the time designing and putting up their first wordpress site, it is normal to get extremely stoked and put a million widgets and plugins on your site. When someone visits your site, songs are blaring at them, it pours their coffee, and you have popups everywhere telling them your site is fantastic.

However, when a user sees this crap, first thing they do is try to stop their pc from crashing and then get the hell out of there. This, just like shipping your labor out to Bangladesh, is a waste of time, money, and energy.  

The site needs to be focused and serve a purpose for the visitor in every page. The attention span of a web user is in seconds. According to recent data and the introduction of the smartphone, humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

The menu needs to be very simple, easy to read, and easily navigable with not having to search for information.

The layout needs to be consistent and easy to use with clear navigation on every website page.

There doesn't need to be huge pictures and super long pages of content. Having shorter pages of content minimizes lots of scrolling and looking for content they need which can frustrate a user.

Having shorter articles but the appropriate anchors to attain the content they desire in your site; is a good strategy to keep them engaged. Some people argue that the page needs to have a million words to keep people on the page for a long time or the longer the content the better.

This only holds true if the content is engaging, good quality, and serves a purpose. Otherwise it is a lot of crap to get scrolled through to find any information. The main focus is to keep the visitor engaged and happy so they will want to go to other pages on your site.

Relevant and appropriate pictures are one of the best things you can have on your site. However, really large images and lots of them can cause extremely long load times. Which can cause google to penalize you and the user will get irritated as well. Think easy to load, easy to read, and easily navigated throughout the site to get the information they desire.

Vehicle Concept

Website Performance

We have already talked about load times, and navigation but there are other parts of the site that can kill the user experience. Mind you, not only does the user feel a broken link is quite irritating but Google finds this information out as well and will penalize you for such.

Something as simple as a broken link, if there was sufficient traffic going to this link, can kill a site if you do not figure it out in a short period of time. It is good to really understand what is going on not only with your links but everything else within your site.

There are many tools out there such as Screaming Frog or other software that can give you reports on 404s or broken links among other important data.  

Another good idea, is just ot make sure everything is functional such as your contact form or even search functions. Things happen periodically and can disable certain components of your site. For example, If you install a new plugin, it can definitely mess with other functions of your site.

Managing Your Employees or Projects

Another area of a managing a newer website or business is the remote component of dealing with contractors, employees, or projects. This is very different than a brick and mortar type outfit and while micromanaging will run any good employee out the door; it is definitely good to know the location and the number of hours that are worked. 

There are a number of screen monitoring systems that can take screen shots to monitor work but an online time clock like clockspot.com that also has other attributes such as gps device monitoring, automating payroll, and detailed project reports can save a lot of time, energy ,and money.

Managing Employees
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