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Top 10 best hotel websites

Have you ever struggled to find a place to stay when looking to take a trip somewhere, whether it be a long weekend trip somewhere far from home, or somewhere abroad for a sunny holiday. Some of these hotel websites push the boundaries with creativity and functionality.

Here are my top 10 favourite hotel websites which I use either as inspiration, or to find somewhere to stay.

1. Caprocat

Located in Mallorca, Sopain… this hotel was taken on as a restoration challenge, transforming the facilities to use as a hotel whilst complying with strict local regulation. The building has been declared of cultural interest and listed as a national Monument.

The website reflects the hotels class, with high end, professional photography and stylistic serif fonts throughout. The website tells the story of the location, history and heritage of the hotel..

With its bespoke booking system, it’s very easy reserve your dates to stay at the hotel…


Caprocat 1
Caprocat 2

2. AirBNB

A Hotel inspiration blog wouldn’t be the same without a mention to AirBnb… their growth over recent years has been pretty astounding, their vast selection of hotels, apartments, bob’s and even activities is quite impressive.

The UI is clean, minimal and functional, branding on point and the User Experience is pretty clean and works a treat. I can find exactly what I want fast, and easily and even find things I didn’t know I wanted.

Overall a very good website.


Air BNB 1
Air BNB 2

3. Plough at Lupton

The Plough at Lupton is a stylish historic pub with rooms, relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and excellent food. Perfectly placed pub to explore the Lake District, Kirkby Lonsdale and The Yorkshire Dales.

“Our ethos is a straight forward one: we want everyone to leave happy, and we’ll do our absolute best to make it happen!”

Johnathan and his team


Plough 1
Plough 2

4. Casa Cook

Another website with strong photography, this brings the whole vibe of the hotel up a notch… Makes me wish I was there, the website is minimal, with a nice colour palette. Their soft Beige background with a selection of greys and black make the website complete.

I like the style of photography, which reflects their class well.

“Each of our hotels is a passion project; they fit seamlessly together, but are never the same. Whether framed by a mountain or the sea, we find inspiration in the surrounding landscapes as much as the local culture.”


Casa Cook 1
Casa Cook 2
Casa Cook 3

5. Blonde hedgehog

Based in the quiet cobblestoned streets of Saint Anne that lead to Alderney’s dramatic coastlines, The hotel is a warm and welcoming haven composed of three buildings; Clarence House, The Corner House and The Blonde Hedgehog itself. Housing two suites, seven rooms and one cottage, the property is inspired by the rustic beauty and charm of this enamouring island and designed to be a true home away from home.


6. Hotel Particulier

I love the impact of the initial load, the black canvas backgrounds helps emphasis the content in the header. The way the slideshows phase in and out, the typography which scrolls slowly across the screen, and the pale pink call to action all add to the User Interface.

My only criticism would be the opacity on the nav is a bit weak, maybe if that was white, and the Booking button was pink, it would sit better.. or a hamburger besides the booking button. I just feel that small tweak would complete the design of the header.

Again, as I scroll, there are huge, classy blocks of photography with links to the website pages…. I also like the hover on these sections, especially the Restaurant and Bar blocks a little lower down…


Hotel Particulier 1
Hotel Particulier 2
Hotel Particulier 3

7. Harts Head

Perfect for all occasions, The Harts Head Inn is the ideal venue for a whole spectrum of celebration. From romantic dates to life's big parties we can tailor your experience accordingly.

“At the Hart's Head we epitomise great hospitality: Fantastic food which celebrates pub classics as well as weekly specials from head chef Graham, combined with a warm welcome from Dean and the team in stylish surroundings.”

Harts head consists of seven, stylish en-suite bedrooms just above the pub, meaning you have all you need for a fabulous break in the Dales.


Harts Head 1
Harts Head 2

8. 11 Mirrors Hotel

Absolutely love the buttons, the outlined circle adds a level of creativity to this already class site.

I like the oversized headers, the offset grid, yet keeping in some sort of structure.

The Call to Actions are clear, concise and obvious… and the photography (again) is top class… that seems to be a recurring theme with all of the websites I have found, the photography is second-to-none. Theres nothing worse than designing/building a website, then the client puts in low quality, cheap images which look like they’ve taken them on their mobile phones, no amount of creativity can offset the lack of quality content.


11 Mirrors Hotel 1
11 Mirrors Hotel 2
11 Mirrors Hotel 3
11 Mirrors Hotel 4

9. El Moderne

Minimal header, booking functionality above the fold, hamburger navigation keeping things clean.

I like the slideshow feature with a full bleed image and large text over the top, works really well…


El Moderne 1
El Moderne 2
El Moderne 3
El Moderne 4

10. Humbert Poyet

Although not strictly a hotel website, this website is for an architecture company and I had to share it… the text overlay, large, quality images, and the slideshow scroll are very very nice.

I used this as inspiration for a few of my recent projects, not only for it’s fonts and style, but for its minimal look and feel… as a sort of reminder to myself that a website can be minimal and yet still look great. I sometimes get carried away adding elements, and functionality to my designs that the content and idea gets lost.


Humbertpoyet 1
Humbertpoyet 2
Humbertpoyet 3
Humbertpoyet 4

These are just a selection of some of my favourite hotel websites I have come across recently whilst browsing various award sites, I like to constantly look what’s out there to keep up with trends and what other studios are doing. It’s my way of keeping my designs current, and stylish…

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