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Steven Bonner

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Steven Bonner

Shape are proud to announce that a collaboration is in the pipeline with a VERY talented illustrator / typographer. His name is Steven Bonner.

Steven has been featured across the web and in various design magazines including idN, Carne, The Drum, Computer Arts, Digital Arts, Ammo, Eight:48, Computer Arts Projects, and Advanced Photoshop. He has also appeared in the books Custom Kicks, 1001 Restaurant Bar and Cafe Graphics, Vormator: Elements of Design, Semi-Permanent, Black and White Freedrawings, IdN's The New Twenties, Torso, Playful Type 2, Handmade Type, and Baetulona 100.

So yeh.... he's good.

Watch this space for a new collaboration, we're both excited - and hopefully you readers are too.

Go enjoy his current work:

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