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2017 Formula 1 Car Designs

Over the last week social media has been buzzing over Formula 1. With the 2017 season coming up, all the teams have been revealing their new cars and this has had me and Jason a tad excited. With new cars comes new designs and new livery and being handy at design, this is pretty important to me! As the week has gone on, each day a number of teams have had scheduled release dates to ensure they all get a bit of time in the spotlight. So let’s start at day 1.

Train Xhale Reviewed

Outside of the working life at Shape, the majority of my time is spent training for Triathlons. As we head into the New Year, I have started planning the races I am going to enter, which means I can start to get my training structured around them so that I am prepared for them come race day. 

How we built It’s A Shape Christmas

As we started to head into October, it became apparent that the 1st of December isn’t actually that far away. This made us realise two things. Number 1: It’s time to crack out the Christmas Playlists - yes Andy has been playing Bublé Christmas for about two months now and I think only me and him still aren’t bored of it yet..! And number 2: We needed to get cracking with It’s A Shape Christmas! 

Best sites of October

As the month comes to a close, I look back at some of the sweet sweet candy that has made it’s way onto the Internet this October. And let me tell you, these ones are sweeter than honey!

Sandman Triathlon Report

This weekend I took part in my final Triathlon of the year over in Anglesey. The Sandman Triathlon is the third and final race in the Always Aim High Triathlon series after the Slateman Triathlon in Llanberis and the Snowdonia Triathlon in Capel Curig. The events have a special place in my heart as the Slateman was the first ever triathlon I took part in and is what made me fall in love with the sport. 

Best sites of August

So, who wants to see some swanky new sites? You do? Well look new further! I've got some proper corkers for you this month. Let's get down to business.

Race Report - Llandudno Sea Triathlon

Last weekend I took part in the Xtra Mile Events Llandudno Sea Triathlon. This was my first Triathlon since April as I have been recovering from a running injury. Since then I feel my recovery and return to running has gone as well as I could have hoped, so I was keen to see where my fitness is currently at. After probably my most consistent block of training I’ve completed so far I was hoping for a relatively good time and position at the end of it...fingers crossed!

Introducing our team

Behind every top agency are a group of talented individuals with years of experience in this industry and are accountable for all of the output.

Best Sites of June

A new month can mean one thing…best sites time! And boy do I have some stonkers in the bag this month. So lets get down to business.

Best Sites of May

Yep, it's that time again folks - I'm generously letting you in on some of the latest beauties I've discovered on the web! Aren't I nice! The sites I have chosen cover a wide variety of styles and functionality to hopefully get everyone drooling...

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