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Large websites and performance in Craft CMS

We’ve been using Craft CMS for around 3 years now, and like most new CMS platforms the first projects you put through it are small. Mainly the gauge the capabilities and also longevity of the CMS.

Craft CMS 3 Beta

As you might be aware, we love Craft CMS at Shape and have been using it for many years. Over this time we’ve dabbled with the latest instalment… Craft CMS 3. For a while this was only a developer preview and not to be used on production projects. But the buzz around this release has always been high within the community.

Our favourite Craft CMS plugins

When we get a fresh smelling new project at Shape, that requires Craft to be installed, we like to have a go-to ‘build’. Over the years we’ve enhanced a basic Craft build by doing such things as adjusting the config files, adding in predefined asset upload folders and also a base folder structure in our templates so we can rapidly develop...

Web Applications we use at Shape

To make everything run smoothly internally at Shape, theres a few website applications we use pretty much daily. I sometimes get asked “Do you use this” or “Oh no, you don’t use that do you!?” but depending on the company / studio size, usually depends on the applications you require.

Why we love Craft Commerce

As well as being an amazing Content Management System (CMS) - Craft also can be a powerful eCommerce platform. We’ve used many in the past such as Cart Throb (EE), Magento, Shopify etc. But we’ve found that Craft Commerce can perform better than all of these when you use it correctly.

Craft CMS at Shape

Over the past year or so, we’ve been tinkering with a CMS called - Craft, and we love it! When we first started Shape, we ran mostly every website through Expression Engine, but we’ve dropped this completely in favour of Craft.

Craft CMS Plugin - Points

Making the switch to a new CMS is always a bit daunting. The community is sometimes not well established and plugins aren’t always available for quick development. But when we moved over to using Craft CMS, we found that it could handle pretty much everything we threw at it (And did a better job than others...) the community (Especially via Slack and Stack Exchange) is amazing and if Craft couldn’t handle something - there would be a plugin available. We were impressed.

From Bespoke SASS Framework to Zurb Foundation 6

When Shape first started we rarely used frameworks. We didn’t need frameworks because our team was very small and the projects were not that complex. But, as we started taking on more larger projects and the team grew we decided to write our own CSS framework.

Why We Love Medium

Medium is a publishing platform with a built in distribution system. It was created by Twitter cofounder Evan Williams in August 2012 with the goal of encouraging people to create longer form content.

Shape Web Design Mcr Blog - Shape Christmas

How We Built - It’s a Shape Christmas

Back in 2011 we wanted a Christmas project that we could run year in, year out - So we came up with “It’s a Shape Christmas”. We ask 25 creatives (Illustrators, photographers, typographers etc) to produce a piece of artwork themed around a particular shape with the theme of Christmas...

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