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Off to a flyer in 2017… What I’ve been upto

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After having a relatively steady December after we decided to get all of our work done before the new year, 2017 has got off to a flyer.. With a mix of new clients and existing clients wanting things re-designing I have had a busy few weeks and I must admit, I absolutely love it. There is nothing better than getting my hands on a brand new website. I love the creativity and process which comes from starting a new design. Here is a short list of designs I have done since the new year..

Fashion eCommerce

This one was given to me with the aim of creating a simple, no thrills, women specific design. Their products are aimed at older women and so this one was more about the User Experience as oppose to creating a flashy, out there, in-your-face design. It was a little different and strange to start with but as I got to grips with what the client needed I started to really enjoy working on the designs. Its good to mix things up in this industry and thats one of my favourite aspects of my job, I truly have no idea what I will be working on from day to day, and thats what’s exciting about this industry.

Pub / Hotel Concept

I wrote a short blog about this one late in 2016.. This client wanted us to experience what they do and what their pub is like so the invited us to go and stay the night, not once but twice.. thats certainly different to how we usually start a new job which would usually come in the form of a word document followed by a client meeting to truly understand their needs.

It was a little exciting to be honest, to have a meal with a few drinks in the pub then to stay the night in their unbelievably spacious rooms..

Beer eCommerce

This client didn’t really know what they wanted, so I was able to do what ever I felt was best which is always the best scenario.. After researching their competitors and other similar websites I noticed there was a lack of creativity within their market sector, with boring, dull websites and lame branding, I decided that we should break the mould a little with this one and try to help them stand out amongst a large selection of competitors.. It worked a treat and the client loved the design, the design went really smoothly and the client was really easy to work with.

Construction Specialist

As a market leader in the field of property renovation and repair.. this client already had a website, which was really hard to navigate through, confusing to find exactly what you needed, and looked dull and dated. They decided to choose us amongst a list of possible design studios due to our style of work. They liked our creativity on our more out there designs like Minix, Rachel Bates and Go2 Telecom but what really sold it for them was our diversity on our more user friendly designs like Itsy, Shape Christmas and Climb-Online.

After spending a day or two coming up with a better structured sitemap, I was able to restructure their website into a more user friendly experience. I’m really happy with this design as it was a challenging brief with many important elements and requirements for each and every page. I enjoyed taking a once boring designs and creating a nice, clean website which has turned out very well.

I actually can't believe we are almost half way through February already! Time flies when your having fun I suppose.. As I finish these few projects, I look to start more new and exciting designs.

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