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What is User Experience?

User experience is a term often used in the technology industry. Here at Shape it’s something that’s constantly prioritised in any project that we take on, it’s at the forefront of most technological advances and it’s usually the reason we are constantly undergoing updates on any devices we use. But...

Slinky: The saviour of HTML email templates

If there's one thing that haunts most developers, it's custom email templates. The limitations of them can be a real struggle. This week I came across a Plugin for Sketch that has changed my life. Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Slinky.

A few of my favourite resources for website development

Being a web developer is predominantly based around problem solving the designs and features that get passed our way. This is something that I and am sure other developers thrive off - bringing functionality and life to static designs is what is so special about web / digital design. Sometimes...

Craft CMS 3 Beta

As you might be aware, we love Craft CMS at Shape and have been using it for many years. Over this time we’ve dabbled with the latest instalment… Craft CMS 3. For a while this was only a developer preview and not to be used on production projects. But the buzz...

Our favourite Craft CMS plugins

When we get a fresh smelling new project at Shape, that requires Craft to be installed, we like to have a go-to ‘build’. Over the years we’ve enhanced a basic Craft build by doing such things as adjusting the config files, adding in predefined asset upload folders and also a base...

Why we love Craft Commerce

As well as being an amazing Content Management System (CMS) - Craft also can be a powerful eCommerce platform. We’ve used many in the past such as Cart Throb (EE), Magento, Shopify etc. But we’ve found that Craft Commerce can perform better than all of these when you use it...

Looking to get started in Web Development?

Looking to get started in Web Development? Learning code can seem like a daunting task at first, especially if you're teaching yourself, but there are many resources out there dedicated to helping you learn and improve.

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