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Best sites of October

As the month comes to a close, I look back at some of the sweet sweet candy that has made it’s way onto the Internet this October. And let me tell you, these ones are sweeter than honey!

Cool Web Design References

Whenever I start a new project, or have spare time between projects, I like to search for some cool references to give me inspiration for whatever my next project will be. From searching for cool button styles, and font pairings to Looking for basic colour combinations.. I love to spend...

5 Of the most Inspiring Event Websites

Events don’t usually get their own website, but when they do, it’s hand crafted specifically for what they need. These types of websites tend to be a lot more informative than your usual sites and have to draw you in, make you care about what they're trying to say...

Cool Websites Redesign

Whenever I start a new project, I like to get a start point by looking for inspiration. Whether that be from past project I have done, client competitors or other outside sources from Dribbble, Behance or awards sites like Web Creme or Awwwards, It’s always good to see what s...

Best sites of August

So, who wants to see some swanky new sites? You do? Well look new further! I've got some proper corkers for you this month. Let's get down to business.

Do you want some Work Experience here at Shape?

A brief introduction into what we’re looking for An individual to come into the studio and work on our very popular studio project ‘Shape Christmas’ for 2016. The role will mean you get to spend some valuable time in a vibrant studio environment with our team, working on a live...

Inspirational design quotes for web designers and graphic designers

Inspirational quotes are becoming more and more popular on social media these days, especially instagram. We're currently in the process of increasing our studio space, creating a new kitchen area and building a brand new meeting room. In the past, we have commissioned illustrators to decorate sections of our walls...

What I’ve been up to this month

As 2016 continues to fly by, another month means plenty more projects to share with you. I have had a pretty steady month, with plenty of design work, some for new clients, some for existing clients. All-in-all a pretty enjoyable month.

Site Launch - PrintLab

This past week we have launched a long anticipated website for a company called PrintLab. PrintLab are a creative brand that supplies 3D printing products to schools and businesses around the world, whilst being open to collaborations with product partners and resellers to create the best end-to-end solutions.

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