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Adam Ascroft

Adam Ascroft

Updated on 7 Feb 2020 ・ 1 min read

5 Minimalist Website Inspiration

Minimalism in design is figuring out how to use negative space and the absence of elements to your advantage making the end user focus on a particular element. Showcasing one sentence can be just as, if not more effective than throwing down paragraph after paragraph and then giving the user information overload.

"Negative space is, the space that surrounds an object in a image. Negative space helps to define the boundaries of positive space and brings balance to a composition."

1. Why We Explore

Why we explore is a beautiful website that uses negative space along with interactive design to help bring the website to life. As you navigate through the site your instantly drawn in and take in all the information it gives you.


2. Uber Design

Uber Design is a site dedicated to show Ubers latest case studies. Considering the site is trying to convey a lot of information it does this in an elegant manor. Each section has been stripped down so that you can see what is important.

3. The Index

Index reminds me of a website that has no styling to it, it's just information on a page but in this instance it has been designed to look like that, taking away pointless styling elements and unnecessary information.


4. Baptiste Briel

A portfolio site thats straight to the point, you go to the website and you know who's it is, what projects he's worked on and how you can get in contact with him.


5. College Crafting

College Crafting removes all the distracting clutter from the page and leaves you with a sleek design reflecting the brand and feel of the products.


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Let's make something great together.

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