Technical SEO Audit

Before working on external tactics, we make sure your on-site SEO is perfect

Content is only one aspect of on-page SEO. Technical errors in your website can also hinder rankings.

The major search engines want to deliver the best possible results to their searchers. If a website has broken images, 404 errors, poor url structure or a slow host to name a few factors then it is going to provide a poor user experience. The search engines will not want to display this website to their customers.

There are hundreds of technical SEO factors. Our SEO team have the tools and the skills to analyse your site and pick up on any technical improvements that will improve how the search engines see and read your website so there is nothing holding the website back.

First Things First

The first step with any client is for us to initiate a Technical SEO Audit. This will inform us of the effects that your current lack of SEO is having on your site in ways you probably didn't even realise. We will analyse and present information all of which will help us understand how to work with you to improve your site. 

We Can Help

Once we have recommended the changes we think should be made we can implement them for you or we can work with your current development agency/department. We work to fix the problems that are already in place whilst pro-actively looking for opportunities for greater visibility and an improved site user experience. 


We can improve your google ranking organically

Improve your google ranking

Everybody wants to be on page 1 of google for their related keywords, and we're the agency to help you achieve that goal.

Compare your site to competitors

We analyse your website and your competitors, showing you how to improve and increase visits to the site.

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