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Having a website that rarely gets updated will not bring you regular visits. But on the other hand, updating your website shouldn’t be a daunting or scary task - It should be simple.

Adding a Content Management System (CMS) in to your website will allow you regular full control to update your website, without asking us to add content for you. But our CMS is intuitive, so you won’t even need to ask us how to use it!

You can throw any complicated situation at our CMS whether it’s updating a blog, shop opening times, team profiles or adding products to your website. Our CMS will handle it no problem.

Craft CMS

Our Content Management System of choice is Craft CMS because it can handle any design or development problem and deliver a solution. Craft CMS is a profesional licensed product, this has the benefit of being more secure as well as being supported by a professional team.

Custom Add-ons

If you have an idea for a feature on your website that isn’t “out of the box”, then we can develop this in to Craft CMS no problem. Because Craft CMS is built on a solid foundation it makes it relatively easy expand.

Just some of the features

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5 Pages or 50 Pages. Go ahead

Websites grow, we know this. So we don’t put limits on how big your website can grow. You will have the ability to add different “types” of pages to your site. Obviously, don’t go too crazy, or your visitors won’t know where to find what they are looking for!

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Member Groups

Do you only want to let Nicola edit pages, not create? No problem. Should Dave have the ability to view orders? But John can’t? No problem. Our CMS allows member groups so you can limit what certain people can do on your website.

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File Manager

As well as adding pages, you can add Images, PDF’s, Videos & Audio in to the CMS. All this can be managed from one place, and can be divided in to sub folders, to keep everything neat & tidy.


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less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads

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