Link Building

Link Building is a key element of SEO

Once the content of your website is optimised and it is free of errors we are now likely in a very similar position to your competitors who are already on page 1. So how do we move your site up the rankings and overtake them?

The answer lies in your websites trust and authority. Trust and authority is earned by other websites in your industry linking to your own. If an authoritative website links to you some of that authority is passed down and yours increases a little, if a number of websites link to you then it increases further and so on…

This is a major part of the search engines’ algorithm and to compete for phrases that have any sort of competition needs to be factored in to an SEO campaign.

The number of links that we need to source to a website is determined ultimately by what work has been implemented previously and how strong your competitors link profiles are.

Our team will carry out in depth analysis of the competition to understand what we need to do to your website to have it competing in as short a time as possible.

Quality over quantity is key to achieving results. Not all links are equal. A link back to your site from an authority website in your industry is much stronger than a directory link for example.

Our team are specialists in sourcing high quality linking partners and will develop a strategy that will raise your websites standing. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how we can help on 01942 894596.

Quality Not Quantity

Key to growing your websites trust is the quality of websites that link to you. Here at Shape we focus heavily on sourcing link partners that have high trust and authority over many websites that don't have the quality. This is the natural way to increase and grow your link profile ensuring that each link has the maximum effect.

Relevant Links
Relevant Links

It is very important to gain links for relevant websites in the same industry as you, or that engage with end users and receive clicks. Google is very intelligent and can recognise what is spam and what is organic. Here at Shape, we source links and create opportunities to benefit your website and the google ranking.

Relevant Links

We can improve your google ranking organically

Improve your google ranking

Everybody wants to be on page 1 of google for their related keywords, and we're the agency to help you achieve that goal.

Compare your site to competitors

We analyse your website and your competitors, showing you how to improve and increase visits to the site.

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