Our Ethos

We produce good work for good people, and with the idea that the client will be happy throughout the full process. This in return will bring more work our way, whether that's via recommendation or further work for that client.

We start every project with the idea that it's a collaboration, and aim to create a portfolio worthy piece for us and the client.

Making visitors feel welcome, comfortable and at ease in our company is hugely important. Whether a client meets us in our studio, in a restaurant, at their offices, or in a coffee shop... we want that client to understand Shape and our ethos, our approach and exactly what we can offer them and their business.

Mike smiles during a meeting at MadeByShape

Our web design process goes something a little like this...

  1. Make the client feel welcome. And make sure they understand what we can offer, and how it will benefit them.
  2. Listen to what the client wants, and what the expectations are.
  3. Provide a simplified proposal for the project that does not include waffle and technical jargon.
  4. Start with references to make sure the client and web design studio are on the same page from the get go.
  5. Once direction is signed off, we can then start the design process.
  6. We create a few pages of design, and the client can comment and amend as much as they like.
  7. Once the concept is signed off, the design process repeats until the whole website is finished.
  8. Then we build the front end development, and wrap it around Craft CMS.
  9. It's now time to insert content.
  10. Final stage is debugging and testing before we launch the site.
Andy smiles during a team meeting at the MadeByShape studio
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Let's make something great together.

Whether it’s a new venture or existing brand.
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