Content And META Optimisation

Your site’s content is key to being indexed well by the major search engines

Your websites content is a huge factor not only for improving your search rankings but how your customers engage with you.

Ensuring that you mention your target keywords in the right places at the right density is important to tell the search engines what your site wants to rank. It is a fine balance between not mentioning the phrases enough to not make your site relevant enough and mentioning them too often to over optimise your website which could be just as harmful.

Also, mentioning your phrases in text that is engaging can be challenging. We see so many sites that have optimised text but it reads poorly which results in a poor customer experience. There is no point ranking highly if customers are put off as soon as they click on your site.

Our content writers are skilled at writing well optimised content in an engaging way that will assist you rankings and ensure customers stay on your website for a length of time.

Write what's right

Creative, high quality content that interests the reader is an essential factor in increasing organic traffic and improving your websites rankings. Our creative content writers will ensure they are thoroughly informed about your industry, business and audience and will work with you to produce compelling, current content. They will then be able to help promote this in the most rewarding ways. 

Keyword Optimisation

We have the expertise to be able to focus on numerous types of site content that must be considered from blogs, articles to sales copy, product descriptions and more. We want to work with you to be able to write relevant, optimised content that can be integrated with your business' current values and tone of voice. We can use our experience to ensure correct keywords can be used to optimise your site both within the META tags and all across your webpages. 


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