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Adam busy coding at MadeByShape

How long have you been working at Shape?

So, I've been apart of Shape now for the better part of 2 Years and 11 Months! According to LinkedIn.

You were a student under Andy and Jasons wings, can you tell us about the transition between University and working at Shape.

Getting that first job in a field you want to pursue as a career can be daunting at first, not knowing how you will perform but the guys here at Shape made the transition as easy as possible, not burying me in work and being more relaxed while I got settled, this allowed me to grow and learn a lot more than I would if I was rushing around trying to hit deadlines.

Have you always wanted to be a web designer / developer?

Now, if you'd ask my grandma, she would tell you I always wanted to be a Bin Man, every time they would come I would always be there to the point where they waited for me... It was a bit of an obsession now I think about it. Web design and development wasn't something I really considered until my final year of university where I found I both liked and was good at it.

What's your favourite aspect about working at Shape?

There's a few to choose from with this, nip into the studio on any given day and you'll instantly know why. One thing I really do like though is the hours, a lot of companies will start later and finish later in an attempt to beat the rush of the morning traffic but that means you're only getting out of work late. At Shape we start at half 8 and finish at half 4 meaning we still have sunshine as we get home!

You like to eat healthy, tell us more…

Does anyone really like to eat healthy? I mean I try my best, but if I see a chocolate bar or a pack of biscuits in my house 9 times out of 10 I'm eating them. I try to do something called Macro dieting which is counting your carbohydrates, proteins and fat intake and try and stick as close to the gram amount you're allowed to have on that day. This might seem a little bit extreme, but with this you realise you're not tied down to eating salads for every meal you can mix it up with whatever food that fits into your macros.

Why do you think clients should choose to work with Shape?

We're Great! Not to be arrogant or anything but all of us here enjoy what we do and that comes across in the work we produce. We're all passionate to create the best possible work for some of the best people possible.

Favourite Colour : #FFCF55 Favourite Artist : Johnny Cash Loves Chiquitos Favourite Typeface : Raleway Likes : The Beach

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