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Creative Cup 2016

Manchester's digital creative agencies 5-a-side cup competition. So far the Creative Cup has raised over £10,000 for various charities. This year the winning team were able select a Manchester based charity to receive all the profits raised from this years event.

Fake John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016

Watch the new John Lewis Xmas advert for 2016 everyone is talking about. But, did you know it’s not the official TV advert? This was created by A-Level student Nick Jablonka who shared the advert online as part of his coursework and the internet has gone wild. Even getting him a spot on ITV’s This Morning.

Challenge Yourself

Wether you’ve left University and your currently looking for a job or if your still in education or even if your employed but want to keep up with current trends challenging yourself and keeping yourself motivated is something everyone should be looking to do.

Websites I’m Working On

If you’re somebody looking to choose a web design agency in manchester, a web design agency in london, a web design agency in cheshire, or a web design agency anywhere in the world - it may be worth knowing who I am, what we offer here at Shape and what I’m currently working on.

Web Applications we use at Shape

To make everything run smoothly internally at Shape, theres a few website applications we use pretty much daily. I sometimes get asked “Do you use this” or “Oh no, you don’t use that do you!?” but depending on the company / studio size, usually depends on the applications you require.

The Pros and Cons of choosing a small design agency

I often get asked the question, can we handle a job of ‘that scale’ or do we have enough staff to work with ‘that client’. And it’s very easy to give a Yes or No answer once I’ve received a project brief, and/or had a meeting with the potential client. We have worked with large brands such as Blackberry, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Fox Home Entertainment, Morson International and L’Occitane. So this does showcase that we have the experience of understanding brand guidelines, working with in-house brand project managers, and having meetings with ‘really important people’. It’s great in theory to think about the financials, and accept any project enquiry -  but, What if that job is too big for the agency? What if they don’t have the expertise? What if they miss the deadline? The project crumbles, and the financials won’t be worth it as the agency will have harmed their reputation and/or have to refund some money as they didn’t deliver.

Best sites of October

As the month comes to a close, I look back at some of the sweet sweet candy that has made it’s way onto the Internet this October. And let me tell you, these ones are sweeter than honey!

Cool Web Design References

Whenever I start a new project, or have spare time between projects, I like to search for some cool references to give me inspiration for whatever my next project will be. From searching for cool button styles, and font pairings to Looking for basic colour combinations.. I love to spend some time searching some of the popular showcase and work sites.

MadeByShape sponsor Hindsford Football Club

MadeByShape supports local team Hindsford Football Club in a sponsorship deal. We decided to fund the club to raise local awareness of our business, and support a club that was close to Andys heart.

5 Of the most Inspiring Event Websites

Events don’t usually get their own website, but when they do, it’s hand crafted specifically for what they need. These types of websites tend to be a lot more informative than your usual sites and have to draw you in, make you care about what they're trying to say.

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